Cleaning Services

We understand that your rental space is unique.

In addition to the packages listed here we also provide customizable packages so that your rental can have everything it needs.

We utilize an app for fast and easy communication between staff and hosts. With this app our cleaners can keep you up to date on their progress throughout your unit with real time notifications. You'll be sent a report after staff departs that details supply inventory, if applicable for your service. You will also have a detailed checklist tailored to your rental to ensure every cleaning is up to standard, every area is touched, and staged as agreed.

Signature Rental Clean

You want your homes to shine for your guests, and so we have carefully crafted this package for guest comfort and owners delight.

Clean and sanitize all cabinet fronts including pulls and handles
Clean out all food from fridge, freezer, and cabinets
Clean and sanitize surface area of fridge shelves, trays, and door
Clean and sanitize sink and polish faucet
Clean and sanitize counter tops and back-splash
Put away dishes from dishwasher
Clean exterior of range hood
Clean and sanitize front of large appliances
Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
Clean and sanitize stove (top, front, and controls)

Clean and disinfect sink and polish faucet
Clean and disinfect counter tops and vanity front
Clean and disinfect toilet (tank, bowl inside and out, rim, seat, top, flush handle, joints at the floor)
Clean shower walls and tub (tile/grout, glass doors, faucets)
Polish mirror
Vacuum bath mat
Dust towel racks and paper holder
Empty trash cans and replace with 2 liners

Make beds and arrange pillows nicely
Vacuum and mop accessible area underneath bed
Spot treat stains on comforter, shams, and decorative pillows Disinfect comforter

Living Room
Clean television screen
Dust electronics
Spot treat upholstery
Vacuum visible area on couch and chairs
Fluff pillows and arrange nicely

Maintain dusting of wall hanging items, decorative items, and horizontal furniture surfaces, window sills, light fixtures and fans
Spot clean door frames and doors
Vacuum return air grate and reachable vents
Remove cobwebs from ceilings and accessible baseboards
Disinfect door knobs and light switches
Vacuum all accessible floor space (carpet, rugs, tile, vinyl, hardwood, ect.)
Mop all accessible hard surface floor space (tile, vinyl, hardwood, ect.)

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Deep Rental Clean

This clean tackles the more uncommon tasks that are not typically found during a standard clean. It is recommended that you have a deep clean quarterly to keep your home shining for your guests.

Vacuum and sanitize inside of cabinets and drawers
Sanitize inside of fridge and freezer
Clean inside of the oven
Clean, de-grease and sanitize interior of range hood
Move fridge to vacuum and mop underneath
Dust top of fridge

Wash shower curtain and liner
Clean and disinfect shower door tracks
Remove scuffs and mold/mildew stains from tub and shower
Remove hard water stains
Dust and disinfect vent fan

Move bed and clean baseboards and floor underneath

Living Room
Vacuum underneath cushions of chairs and couch

Wash light fixtures and fans
Move furniture to vacuum and mop underneath
Clean with solution and damp cloth accessible baseboards
Clean with solution and damp cloth door frames and doors
Wash reachable interior of windows and sills

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